Confidence in Tech Is Needed.

Well, Welcome!


I am sure you found us because you are so ready to conquer automating in business and increasing your sales…

Yet, scary scary tech seems to keep popping up in your business…

Whether it is you creating a landing page


Setting up your Convertkit Account

It can become a bit overwhelming to say the least.

And we say NO to overwhelm. Seriously its like our secret slogan..

And this is why you landed at Queenly Automation’s doorstep

You Deserve To…

1f451 Conquer those frustrating tasks that makes your mind spin

1f451 Feel confident when you are navigating your business tools and systems

1f451 Feel supported by a team that gets you

If no one told you already….you don’t have to do it alone we have your back….yep us at Queenly Automation!

Meet the CEO

Quinteria Moss! The tech teacher with a team of Xclusive VAs!!


I show up for you because I get that you need order and you crave to feel confident about the business tools you are using to build your business. 


Trust I get it, I was once like you feeling intimidated when some mentioned anything about a new hot “business tool”.


Hunny, I froze each time I googled how to tutorials because I wasn’t really sure exactly what it was I needed to know.  


Yes I know hard to believe that now when I am known for conquering tech..


Want to know my secret? I figured out what I needed to know and I how I liked to learn and then I reminded myself I could accomplish anything I put my mind to (or I will hire someone to do it for me)!



Choose Your Venture